A function organized by FC College University Lahore, Department of Urdu, in memory of Akhtar Shamar, renowned poet and teacher of Urdu Literature

On 10th March 2023, a function was organized in memory of Dr. Akhtar Shamar under the chairmanship of Dr. Noreen Khokhar, Head of the Department, on behalf of FC College University Lahore Department of Urdu. Dr. Akhtar Shamar's wife and children also participated in the ceremony. FC University Rector Dr. Jonathan Adelton, Dean of Humanities Dr. Altafullah Khan, Director of Iqbal Academy Pakistan Prof. Dr. Baseera Ambareen, eminent personalities of science and literature including Dr. Khawaja Muhammad Zakaria, Dr. Fakhrul Haque Noori, Dr. Muhammad Kamran, Farhat Abbas Shah, Dr. Nasir Abbas Nair, Mansoor Afaq and others also participated. All the participants of the event paid tribute to Dr. Akhtar Shamar in beautiful words.